Coconut milk suppliers make an attempt to publicize “Made In Vietnam” products



The events of the packaged coconut products of Betrimex being voted as the favorite drink at 20th Gourmet and Dinning Style in Japan motivated this corporate in particular and coconut-based firms in general. Continuing this success, this leading coconut water and coconut milk supplier in Viet Nam is making incessant efforts to publicize made-in-Vietnam quality coconut products to the global markets.

The international recognition for the packaged Vietnamese coconut beverage

Nowadays, it is obvious that the world is witnessing the increasing number of people consuming organic products in order to protect their health from being negatively affected by chemicals used in many beverage. For this reason, when there are more and more people understanding the health related benefits that their familiar fresh coconut water can brings to them, the chain of this product gains in the popularity. Instead of purchasing a coconut and then process it by using hands to peal, which is totally inconvenient, consumers in the fast changing society just need a bottle, canned or packaged of coconut water, twist the cap then can drink it.

Due to the fact that the shortage of most companies is the lack of utilizing elements to make products from the coconut diversified, there is less product from coconut which can attract consumer’s eyes and satisfy their ever-growing demand. Ben Tre Import and Export Joint-stock Company (Betrimex), which is also a member of the TTC Group was established in 1976.  Betrimex are famous for producing and exporting the coconut products such as Coconut fiber; Dried coconut fruit; Desiccated coconut; Coconut shell charcoal and so forth. It is until recent years when Betrimex, the leading coconut water and coconut milk supplier in Viet Nam, have launched their packaged organic coconut water product under the name Cocoxim.

Coconut milk suppliers

Cocoxim packaged coconut water product is made from the materials in Ben Tre, which has been called The Capital of Coconut in Vietnam. The efforts of Betrimex are represented in their investments, ranging from quality organic material resource to the utilization of cutting edge UHT sterilization technology in closed manufacture process. With regard to organic material area, Betrimex promised to adopt a range of organic standard conditions and achieved recognition from credible global organizations including Control Union certificate, EU and USDA – NOP, JAS certificate and so on. When it comes to the-state-of-the-art technology, this supplier applied direct advanced anti-bacteria UHT technology from Tetra Park Corporation. This technology helps to preserve the fresh and natural flavor and nutrients of organic coconut without using any preservative, chemicals or colorings.

That Betrimex diversified the portfolio of products by offering products with four flavors naming original, kumquat, lotus seed and pineapple provides consumers with more choices and tastes. The products are allocated and distributed in many various supermarket systems and agencies in a large number of provinces and areas, making products available for most people domestically. As a result, these factors make a major contribution to increasing Vietnamese coconut values in general.

Coconut milk suppliers

Products are exported to many markets in America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and COCOXIM has successfully been certified by some advanced quality control systems such as: ISO 22000: 2005, GMP, HALAL, HACCP, KOSHER and ORGANIC. The success of Betrimex received recognition from both domestic and international events. Particularly, packaged coconut water COCOXIM of Betrimex Vietnam achieved the second place in “New product” contest, being voted as the favorite beverage by participants at the 20th Gourmet and Dinning Style in Tokyo, Japan in 2016. It was also honored at The High-Level Dialogue on Sustainable Tourism which is one part of APEC 2017 in Vietnam from June 18th to 19th, 2017 in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. These create a good signal for spreading and publicizing made-in-Vietnam quality products to the world and encouraging coconut water domestic coconut-based firms to develop continuously.

From coconut water to coconut milk suppliers

coconut milk suppliers

There are a range of causes for which many coconut-produced leaders show their interests for developing coconut milk. Firstly, coconuts with an abundant level of nutrients such as fibre, vitamins C, B1, B3, and minerals namely iron, calcium, sodium, phosphorous and others. In addition, there is a vital amount of medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut milk products, making a profound contribution to preventing users from infections and viruses. Last but not least, the reason is the growing interest in the consumption of plant-based products around world. Owing to the fact that Cocoxim coconut water products have gained in popularity, it shows the potential of coconut-made industry. With many advantages of Vietnamese quality coconut, a variety of domestic corporates which produce and export coconut products can develop a range of related product lines such as coconut milk.

In conclusion, this article aims at providing sharing information about the way how products from coconut has been exploited and succeed. Because the coconut-made products has shown its potential, it is expected to open many opportunities of many business to publicized quality made-in-Vietnam coconut milk to the global market.

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