New opportunity for coconut milk suppliers in Vietnam


The use of plant-derived milk is becoming a global trend and is currently recording strong growth in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, this will be a great opportunity for coconut milk  suppliers in Vietnam today

Meanwhile, consumers are also more selective about the choice of nutrient-rich green beverages produced under a process that is censored and certified by reputable organizations from seed selection to packaging.

From the trend of using plant-derived milk grow strongly in the world

The coconut milk suppliers

According to the BBC, four out of 10 British households now switch to alternative-based milk replacers for cow’s milk. In the United States, the latest statistics show that every six to six people search for functional foods extracted from natural, non-preservative, non-preservative ingredients.

The world’s dairy plant market is growing rapidly and is gaining prominence in recent years, primarily because consumers tend to look for healthful and non-harmful products. in the production process.

According to Innova Market Insights, the number of dual milk replacers is expected to reach 20% per year during 2012-2016. Meanwhile, the number of beverage products in the world has tripled between 2012 and 2016. The global market is beginning to see a divergence in the dairy segment of plant origin. Including cereals like rice, oats and nuts – like almonds, walnuts – and other unique options like coconut milk. The market is forecast to reach $ 16.3 billion in 2018, up from $ 7.4 billion in 2010.

To the diversity of plant-derived milk and the new “factor” in the dairy industry

The coconut milk suppliers

Dairy products in Vietnam witnessed the introduction of soy milk brands in 1997 with the participation of large companies in the dairy industry. So far, soybeans are considered the first raw material of plant-derived milk. So far, a variety of cereal-based extracts such as rice, almonds, corn, oats, black sesame … Most recently, the coconut has consistently gained market share of soybean milk before.

Appeared on the market in the most recent plant milk segment is Ben Tre Export Joint Stock Company (Betrimex) with coconut milk canned Cocoxim. Prior to this, in mid-2016, Betrimex – a member of Thanh Cong Group, successfully launched Cocoxim Coconut Juice in the Vietnamese market and many markets in the world. Betrimex invested $ 20 million in the first phase to build a coconut milk and canned coconut milk processing plant with strict quality control procedures and quality assurance. Importantly as the FDA enters the US market; Halal into the Muslim market, BRC of England; Kosher, Organic, … is considered a passport to enter the international market.

Intelligence and consumerism require business innovation

The coconut milk suppliers

Not only tend to use the milk of vegetable origin, today Vietnamese consumers are more strict in choosing the right product “clean” to ensure good health. Therefore, businesses are willing to invest from raw materials to production technology, packaging to meet the expectations of consumers.

Taking the Coconut Milk Coconut product’s production process is one example. Betrimex not only invested in Tetra Pak’s UTH sterilization technology, but also developed organic material in Ben Tre that was certified organic (EU and USDA-NOP standards) to ensure the best quality raw materials, the value of coconut products, and the local economic development. Specifically, the farmers who sign the cooperation with Betrimex will have to comply with the rules of organic coconut cultivation, in return farmers will be supported by consulting companies using the right agricultural materials. standard, organic cultivation training to sustain the coconut plantation; pepper out and buy coconut to the garden.

Generally organic companies like Betrimex, in addition to looking for profit, they are expected to bring to consumers the products with outstanding features related to health protection, not harmful. the environment … This partly reflects the social responsibility of the company.

With these efforts, consumers will not overlook the quality products, health, especially the products made by the Vietnamese themselves to serve the Vietnamese.

Review of leading coconut milk suppliers today

Betrimex is one of the suppliers of coconut milk that consumers appreciate today, not only in quality but also in the variety of products.

For over 40 years of operation and development, Betrimex has rapidly affirmed its own brand and become one of the leading enterprises in processing and export of products made from Vietnamese coconut. Betrimex not only understands market demands and consumer tastes to promptly satisfy, but also pays attention to product quality improvement and strives to become a prestigious exporter with strong brand in domestic and international market.

Daring investment into new technologies and endless improvement of product quality have helped Betrimex’s products to satisfy the most demanding and fastidious markets such as Japan, Europe, Korea, U.S, etc.

Thanks to the right strategies, Betrimex’s growth rate has been continuously stabilized and the employee’ living standard has been improved more and more in recent years. The Company fully pays taxes at all times and makes practical contribution to the socio-economic development.

Considering “Business is our mission, not gains”, Betrimex aims to become a company with the strongest internal driving force and standing in Vietnamese coconut industry and bring added value to farmers, partners, customers, employees as well as useful value to the community and society.

On the way to become the largest enterprise in Vietnamese coconut industry, Betrimex always considers trust, share and success of partners, shareholders, customers and farmers as its mission, motivation and award. With forward targets and expectations, dynamism, creativity and the will to “overcome ourselves” of Betrimex’s managers and employees, Betrimex has been strongly moving forward and struggling to make more deserving contributions to the development of Ben Tre province in particular and the country economy in general.

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