Currently virgin coconut oil market is a very potential market, the demand for coconut oil of the European countries are increasing rapidly. Especially pure coconut oil is the most popular. In Vietnam, virgin coconut oil suppliers have begun to seize the opportunity and expand the production of coconut oil.

Europe market – A potential export market

The Philippine Coconut Authority writes, “The use of virgin coconut oil in Africa for its health benefits has boosted the Philippines’ demand for coconut oil as well as in Vietnam.

According to data provided by the Philippine PSA Statistics Division of the Davao Region, 1.11% of coconut export value is equivalent to $ 94.81 million in the first quarter of 2017 compared to $ 7.83 million in the same period. The leading export markets for this item include the Netherlands ($ 69.10 million), the United States ($ 13.81 million) and Italy ($ 11.65 million).

The virgin coconut oil suppliers

According to the PCA Board, this sudden increase is due to the growing demand for coconut oil in Africa for use in foodstuffs as a result of the perception that lauric acid is thought to be good for health. Quimpan said more than half of the requirements for coconut oil were provided by the Philippines. The countries of Europe have a positive change in the use of coconut oil, not only in cooking but also as propagation. Since 2016, the demand for coconut oil in Africa has increased as the lauric acid content of coconut oil can not be found in any other oils such as palm oil and oil.

Opportunity for virgin coconut oil suppliers in Vietnam

Betrimex, one of the leading virgin coconut oil suppliers, has selected Canada and Australia as the main export markets.

Over the past 40 years of construction and development, Betrimex is a Ben Tre import-export company chosen by consumers as the best enterprise for many years, quickly affirming the brand in the domestic market. and international markets. Not only catching up with market demands, consumers’ tastes, Betrimex always focuses on improving product quality, rising to become a reputable export company with strong brand name.

Coconut oil products of Betrimex always meet the export standards, qualified to put into the international market. With the investment of new technology, constantly improving the quality of products, Betrimex products have conquered the famous and hard-hitting markets of nutrition foods such as Japan, Korea, USA, …

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With the right strategy, for many years, Betrimex has been continuously growing steadily. Determining the business is the mission, not the right, the vision of Betrimex is to become a company with the strongest and strongest position in the coconut industry in Vietnam and bring value to farmers. , partners and customers, bring value to the social community.

Useful of the virgin coconut oil

Some information on the nutritional value of lauric acid is found in virgin coconut oil

Lauric Acid is a medium chain fatty acid that, when added to the human body, converts lauric acid into a monolaurin compound that has antimicrobial activity and protects against lipid-borne viruses.

Lauric acid is also used to treat people with immune problems, viral infections, flu, yeast, common colds, fever or skin ulcers. The test showed that lauric acid has the ability to prevent bacteria to spread quickly on the skin, effective against fungus.

Moreover, lauric acid also helps to reduce the aging process of skin cells, balance the pH and maintain the skin’s maximum moisture. This explains the great effect coconut oil has on skin care, especially in the problem of stretch marks in pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

With its medium chain cyan acid, lauric acid is readily absorbed by the body and also has significant benefits in reducing cardiovascular disease, which is less harmful to the heart.

Lauric acid supplementation with a daily dose helps to support general cardiovascular health and antioxidant supplements, thereby slowing down the aging process and boosting the body’s immune system, antiviral, antimicrobial.

Virgin coconut oil suppliers

Betrimex – One of the best virgin coconut water suppliers

For over 40 years of operation and development, Betrimex has rapidly affirmed its own brand and become one of the leading enterprises in processing and export of products made from Vietnamese coconut. Betrimex not only understands market demands and consumer tastes to promptly satisfy, but also pays attention to product quality improvement and strives to become a prestigious exporter with strong brand in domestic and international market.

Daring investment into new technologies and endless improvement of product quality have helped Betrimex’s products to satisfy the most demanding and fastidious markets such as Japan, Europe, Korea, U.S, etc.

Thanks to the right strategies, Betrimex’s growth rate has been continuously stabilized and the employee’ living standard has been improved more and more in recent years. The Company fully pays taxes at all times and makes practical contribution to the socio-economic development.

Considering “Business is our mission, not gains”, Betrimex aims to become a company with the strongest internal driving force and standing in Vietnamese coconut industry and bring added value to farmers, partners, customers, employees as well as useful value to the community and society.

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