Betrimex explores the process of producing organic coconut oil


Along with consumer preferences for using coconut products, such as virgin coconut oil, the ways and processes for processing and producing coconut oil are becoming more diversified and it is also an over- submit. The following article will focus on the interesting points in the production process of virgin coconut oil that you are enjoying today.

Overview of virgin coconut oil production methods

Virgin Coconut Oil Suppliers

Virgin coconut oil is gaining popularity all over the world not only because of its beauty benefits, but also because it is used as an effective health food. Few people notice that buying and using coconut oil is very easy, but the process of making coconut oil, especially Virgin Coconut Oil Suppliers, requires many factors, from raw materials to ingredients. To ensure the quality, safety and preservation of the essential nutritional value that this drug can bring to the user.

When machinery technology is not as advanced and modern as today, it is mainly produced coconut oil by manual methods. However, many leading suppliers of coconut products nowadays use modern oil extraction techniques to provide consumers with safe coconut oil. Basic standards of the production process of pure coconut oil.

According to APCC (2009), Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a coconut oil extracted from aged rice under the influence of machinery or nature, which can be heat treated or without affecting the nature of the oil. A report has shown that there are two main methods for producing coconut oil: coconut oil and coconut oil (or dry method); and methods of cooling, melting, fermentation, enzyme and PH method (also known as wet method). Depending on the method that will have different effects on the quality of coconut oil. However, the specific taste of pure and white coconut oil or the transparency of coconut oil in each condition should be ensured regardless of the form or method used.

The interventions of advanced and modern technologies in coconut oil production process are undoubtedly able to bring about some benefits in terms of labor saving as well as ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the products, But more or less these technologies will have an impact on the average fatty acid content and the antioxidant content and nutrients found in pure coconut oil. Common technologies or top producers of coconut oil are cold pressed, naturally fermented and fortified, enzymes, centrifuges, refrigerants and melt.

Note when choosing virgin coconut oil

The Virgin Coconut Oil Suppliers

While pure coconut oil provides a lot of nutritional value and safety for consumer use, refined coconut oil (RCO) is the choice of many manufacturers and Supply coconut oil because it can save money and produce more oil. Consumers will need to be awake to buy safe and healthy coconut oil products.

Through this article, we hope to provide more useful information to readers on the interesting aspects of the process of producing pure coconut oil as well as a little note about the selection of coconut oil products like well suited.

When virgin coconut oil becomes popular …

It’s easy to see that when a product or item becomes popular and popular, it’s easy to see where we are going, even on the “front”. Coconut oil, especially Virgin coconut oil suppliers, attracts consumers because of the health and beauty benefits it can provide. And when this item became popular, it also brought in the presence of many sellers, many products of pure coconut oil with a variety of types and brands.

Many consumers do not understand how to recognize pure coconut oil and do not distinguish between pure and refined oils that often buy “wrong” products of poor quality. Therefore, the right product quality of the reliable brand is very important. The following article will introduce to the user a brand of pure coconut oil quality is a lot of users and positive feedback.

The Virgin Coconut Oil Suppliers

Betrimex – Brand of virgin quality coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil offers many beauty benefits for the user. More specifically, in this essence coconut oil has many anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant components, helping users reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and fight infections effectively. In addition, because pure coconut oil has the potential to promote cardiovascular disease thanks to the lipoprotein that is able to eliminate excess cholesterol build up in the body through the secretion of the liver.

In addition, the average fat carbon chain also helps increase the resistance to the body, while stimulating metabolism in the body, reducing the possibility of obesity.

Ben Tre Export Import Joint Stock Company, also known as Betrimex, is one of the leading suppliers of coconut water and coconut products in the market. Coconut water, coconut milk canned from Betrimex has become familiar and preferred by consumers everywhere. Betrimex offers pure Coconut Oil (VCO) for beauty that is trusted by consumers.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of Betrimex pure coconut oil.

1 / Organic ingredients

Organic organic ingredients are very popular because consumers in the world tend to look for organic products that are healthy, non-chemical, and non-polluting. It is clear that if organic suppliers want to create consumer confidence, investment in raw material areas and organic certification from leading international censors is essential. .

Recognizing the importance of organic ingredients and their role to meet the demand for pure coconut water and coconut oil at home and abroad, Betrimex has previously developed organic coconut material and received Recognized by international organic certification bodies, typically ORGANIC (USDA, EU). This shows the safe and reliable source of the pure coconut oil that Betrimex brings to consumers.

2 / Apply modern technology

Completely extracted from quality copra, Betrimex’s virgin coconut oil is also distinguished by the use of modern oil extraction technology. This coconut oil contains the most nutritive value, contributing to Many health and beauty benefits for users.

The technology used by Betrimex to extract pure coconut oil is a modern centrifugal technique that helps coconut oil retain the flavor of coconut and does not affect the nutrients in it such as protein, Vitamins and antioxidant composition are guaranteed.

The Virgin Coconut Water Suppliers

3 / Safe packing process

Previously, the products of Coconut water suppliers of Betrimex in the form of boxed packaging DreamCap has captured the user’s favorite, pure Coconut Oil is packaged in modern packaging. And safety brings a sense of quality and trustworthiness.

Packed with a Flexi bag system with 200l plastic container, 20l plastic canister, 500ml bottle, the products ensure the purity and nutrients in the product as well as limit the impact on the product. .

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